Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alfred Webre, Kevin Annett and the time-jumper Basiago are transhumanist agents?

Sources related to the Human Rights Movement and UN, told us that the paradox disinformation and double binding is the last disinformation technology.  The attacks against the so called transhumanism in a closed environment like the UFO-Conspiracy subculture are just one of these methods. They can work then in the serious, massive cultural and social media.
Their strategy includes the manipulated nonsense, because with this, the transhumanist agenda is seen as pure conspiracy theory and nonsense.
The trivialization works through planting absurd factoids concerning time-travel and teleportation.
Some of the well know disinformers working for the transhumanism are Alfred Webre, Kevin Annett, David Icke, Andy Basiago and several pseudo-spiritualists and self proclaimed independent scientists.
These transhumanist agents present themselves as Avatars of a new era and basically superhuman.
The problem is that some of these transhumanist agents will eventually become simple cultists, and the transhumanist leaders do not like this at all.

In this case, a purge is not impossible. We will follow these developments.
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