Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alfred Webre, full time conspiracy theorist loosing friends.

Looks like the ex-exopolitician Alfred Webre is loosing his UFOlogy friends, colleagues and followers.
The reason for this loneliness is more than obvious but has also some curious undertones.
First of all no decent ufologist wants to look as friend with a man who patronizes the horrors of Kevin Annett, con-man, defroked priest and defamation professional.
Who will want to talk about exopolitics or the Laws that rule Universal civilizations with a man that in his videos shows an image of Pope Francis I as a child murderer, satanist and practitioner of the so called 9th Circle satanic ritual that includes killing and eating children?
In the small but active world of the so called UFO subculture, it is said that nobody says "hello" to the Judge Alfred L. Webre.
There are different theories about the ex-exopolitician Alfred W. with K.Annett, For those who know about the manic depressive problems of Alfred, this evil association is pathological.
Webre's wife, Geri who is a psychologist, wrote about husband problems and her professional help.
From a different perspective, Alfred is under the control of Kevin Annett which is also a pathological individual probably related in some way with organized crime.
However there is something else. The powerful Company of Jesus, the Jesuits, included in Alfred Webre's  defamatory videos, will eventually put their enormous spiritual and material powers to put an end to this campaign against a man who is the first Jesuit who is elected Pope.
We'l see, we'l see.
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