Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cover-Up: The cosmic encounter with an Extraterrestrial Starship, NOT with a Comet.

You've probably read the news about the probe  landed in the Philae comet and watched the pictures of the cosmic rock. We can report however that the whole thing is pure cover-up.
The astrophysicist and exopolitical Romanian Paulus Andrescu confirms that the real mission of this spacial adventure was the contact with a gigantic extraterrestrial spaceship from the planet called Ulambrax
This planet has 1.39x earth gravity, 4 moons and a 437-day year long. It is 0.1x the size of earth, is 30% land mass With 10 continents and is about earth-distance from its sun.  It has 38-hour days and an axial tilt of 110.7 °, according with the information given by Dr. Andrescu 
The huge ship logo is red and contains certain entries in black graphics that were translated into English and are as follows.

Cooperation and Death
Justice from Disorder
Concordance, Fury, Imagination
Splendor from Glory
Insight, Work, Defiance

The starship is commanded by three males named Thaerer, Gakus and Idoakli
Of course this is a developing story and we'll do everything possible to keep our readers. Let's also say that Dr. Andreacu is working on the translation of an Ulambran text that follows.
nyi illitri a'ph zyen zi leh ael kaestit aet nyili za'svlRivreril risneaet rinnisl zaeny a'nyisl na' kaesti e retkoieki e da'si phetnelh-iljoii .
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