Thursday, November 20, 2014


After a meeting with someone that will remain anonymous but is a true insider with decades of experience in end of the cover-up, if the favourable conditions for a full disclosure prevail. (Our whistleblower wasn't clear at all about what she/he means by favourable conditions, but our personal feeling is that there will never be "favourable conditions for a full disclosure".
the cover-up maneuvers, we learned about the sequence of procedures, partial revelations and apparent tabloid superficiality that will drive to a full disclosure and consequently the

Our contact give us some details about this progressive disclosure. Several well known ufologists and personalities associated with the UFO subculture and the paranormal, will receive partial and perhaps subconscious knowledge about UFO and the entities responsible for the phenomenon.

In some cases, contradictory statements will produce negative bio-feedbacks and shocks, and these will be a contribution to the general perception that "something is going on."
Taking into account previous experiences, there will not be any attempt of saturation out of the UFO and paranormal subculture. On the contrary the method will be similar to the so called distillation of limited information.
Our source told us that this information could be given with a fictional background because a good analytical research will be very effective for the public confidence in the selected researchers.
About this selection, the insider told us that he could not be more explicit but those selected were the most active and coherent in the ufological environment. 
The whistleblower insisted in the fact that the informative progression or distillation was a process not an event.
We tried to know at least if the "others", the Entity of entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon were compromised with this progressive disclosure.

The insider, after remaining silent for a minute or so, gave us this cryptic answer:
-Are we talking about the disclosure or is this conversation also distilation of limited  information?
-...if this conversation about disclosure is also progressive disclosure, there will be no answer, but if  this conversation has nothing to do with such progressive disclosure, your question cannot be answer.
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