Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cover-Up and Revisionist Alternatives

-.Let's talk about the cover-up today.
-.You know that the disclosurists send letters to the government asking for an immediate and complete disclosure, right?
-.So their demand implies that they see the gov. as the one who controls the cover-up. but let me tell you
something. It's impossible for any government to keep that kind of cover-up. Agencies, the scientific establishment, the lobbies, universities, everything under control in a total denial of the presumed ET visitors. No, this is not possible.
-.Then I will suggest you something quite different. Is not the government that enforces this cover-up.
Cannot see the alternative.
-.Think. Such a total control requires methods, enforcement and even technologies that no government has and if this is so, and the cover up exists and there are no leaks, someone bigger, more efficient that our
authorities is in charge of the Big Secret. So, the cover-up, perhaps is a cover-down. The masters of the Conspiracy are not humans, but advanced entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon.
I see...
-. In other words the disclosurists should send letters to the aliens. If someone is in control of the cover up, it's not the government.
But if what you say is true...
-.If what I say is true, then the keepers of the big secret are in control, so what would be disclosed? Simply we would learn the identity ( if any)  of those who control this planet Earth. we would learn that the Others are the government and our terrestrial authorities are puppets.However, if this hypothesis is true, the disclosure is unnecessary for them and for the governments. The cover up works, they are in control and apparently the Aliens are not interested in share with us their Agenda. Probably we could not even understand what they are doing here...but please Mr.Fogg remember that all this is hypothetic. Just ideas we have, Flashes of information, disinformation perhaps or even personal disclosure, you name it...

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