Monday, November 24, 2014

DISCLOSURE: Mr.D Very Personal Views and IDEAS

It was my time to make questions and some analysis of the disclosure scenarios described by Mr. D.
So, Mr.D. I see that all your scenarios are catastrophic in the end.
-. Let's remember that its my duty to say again and again that these scenarios and my ideas on disclosure are
hypothetical and personal. Is this clear?
Yes, it is.
-.So, truth is that I do not see any peaceful, happy ending alternative...none. Perhaps you will think  that I am crazy but let me tell you this. Contact between civilizations probably is always destructive.
-. Because the disruption of the natural evolution. Inevitably the disruptive culture is forced willingly or not, to control the less evolved one.
Don't you see it? Don't you understand that this is the disclosure?
The impossibility of the disclosure IS the disclosure... to say NO to disclosure is disclosure enough.
We are intelligent, informed individuals, Mr. Fogg. Consequently we can forget about that mass of trivia, stupidity nonsense and ignorance called UFOLOGY.
Do you  deny the possibility of a disclosure?
-. No, not at all. Its easy to understand this. If we find that there is something to disclose, we cannot deny the possibility, but we can consider the desirability of such disclosure. Also, and even more important, we can ask ourselves if that disclosure is happening already.
Disclosure means that ufologists, contactees and professionals must look for something else to do.
Disclosure if happens, is the instantaneous end of the so called Ufology. It is also possible that priests of the different cults and religions will also need to look for another job. By the way, can you see the importance of all this talk, Mr. Fogg?
I nodded silently. 
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