Sunday, November 23, 2014


-. In any scenario of disclosure, the first victims will be the Ufologists. Yes because the whole UFO business prospers for the absence of UFO-ET. Once disclosure occurs, the mystery business is finished. Think about this, please.
Now I would like to consider a different scenario which we will call incommunicado . Science fiction movies and TV always fictionalize some form of communication between the Others and us. However, we can imagine a disclosure scenario where the Aliens are not communicative at all. In this case, the disclosure Government(s) recognize that the Entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon are there but we do not know who they are, what they want, where they come from, and we don't know how they look. Simple, positional communications are performed by computers. You will excuse me if I do not go into considerations about the consequences of such communication...I am not particularly fond of Horror stories; are you Mr. Fogg?
reveals a very different situation.
I remained silent.
-. Of course, there is an alternative scenario, and you will see that is not better than those previously considered. It's now a colonial situation. The ETs are commanding. They occupy areas for future bases. The Ufonauts treat us well but let us know who is in command.  Something like the British in India or so. These aliens organize our society without any democratic consideration. Presumably they know what is best for us but in the end what's best for Them is the Law.
You will agree with me, Fogg,  that the supposition that technological and scientific advances produce more ethical societies is not true.
( I nodded and watched the window. It was a grey, cold autumn evening in Washington D.C.)

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