Friday, November 21, 2014


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I was surprised when the interviewed told us that he wanted to ask a few questions.
-. It's always good to clarify our concepts so we know what are we talking about, right?Now please tell me what is the disclosure for you.
My answer was that the disclosure was a confession from the government(s) and scientific establishment, that
they knew what the UFO phenomenon was, and presumably the recognition that there were contacts between the authorities and the entities responsible for the presence of aliens in our planet.
The whistleblower then told us what follows:
-. Then, the patern of the disclosure is this one: The Government(s) is not only in charge of the cover-up, but has the right to decide when its time to reveal those presences and/or contacts, right? But...there is always a but in these secret matters... in this case we implied that the State has the authority for assuming the responsability for this hypothetical disclosure righ?
However, this patern could perhaps be very limited and even unreal. Why? Simply because you presume that  the  "others", the ufonauts have a passive rol.
What is wrong with this assumption? was my question.
After a moment of silence, the source replied:
-.Perhaps nothing is wrong, or perhaps things could be much more complex. Consider the possibility of a more active rol for the Others. Who knows? What if they have something to do with the cover up and consequently with the disclosure. Isn't this also a possibility? And there are alternatives. We can consider a different scenario where the presumed visitors are the ones who decide when, where and how this disclosure will happen.   Of course we are always talking hypothetically, am I wrong?
But in this case-I said- we recognize that the Others are in control..!
Not necessarily-he replied-because when we talk about control we refere to control as we humans know it. However, control, for this presumably advanced civilization, can be exercized in...shall we say, indirect ways. But please let me remember you that this disclosure is not an event but...a developement. The consequences of a sudden disclosure could have undesirable, even catastrophic consequences. (Smiling, the man added) Honestly I would not want to be a witness of a massive public landing of these ships, if there are ships, of course.

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