Wednesday, November 19, 2014

THE EXO and the EX fighting POPE and CHURCH..!

The Abyss
The EXOpolitician and the EXpriest had the sacred mission of saving the World and even the whole Omniverse and Multiverses from the infinite evil of Pope Francis and the Jesuits. Without waiting a second and cross in hand, they  threw themselves in the name of Saint Ignatius of Loyola to the darkest pitt . Both cruzaders penetrated into the abyss and there in front of these braves was the horrendous Abaddon, a demon called the exterminator..!
Abaddon is the king of the abyss or bottomless pit who commands an army of locusts. According to Revelation 9:1-11," after the fifth angel sounds his trumpet, a star falls from heaven and opens the bottomless pit. A storm of smoke arises, and from the smoke, a plague of locusts emerge to torment, but not kill, men who lack the seal of God on their foreheads for five months."
9th Circle Ritual.
However, the Exo and the EX had enough insecticide to keep Abaddon's locusts in control, and they kept walking under the guidance of the new Beatrice, who is the granddaughter of President Eisenhower.
Once the locusts were distanced but not destructed, the EXO and the EX resumed their march repeating the Jesuit motto Ad maiorem Dei gloriam...
Suddenly flames arose and a satanic laughter was heard. EXO and EX recognized the voice of the anti-pope
and helplessly fell to their knees. The Pontiff surrounded by cardinals and bishops was performing the 9th Circle Ritual that includes obnoxious and forbidden acts that we will not mention here. (Read Alfred Webre-
Kevin Annett descriptions of these horrors.)
When EXO end EX were ready for the exorcism performance, the ground trembled and a tremendous blast was the last thing our brave travelers remember. When EXO and EX regained consciousness, they were back in Canada, momentarily defeated and knowing that the power of Evil is finite but knows no limits..!

Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio's statement on ET role in Universe creation is (1) scientifically correct and intended (2) to evade criminal court sentence in Ninth Circle infanticides, and (3) to claim Satanic dominance over Earth with ETs

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