Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Some skeptics justified their skepticism about the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations in our solar system, suggesting that the same old and discredited themes are repeated again and again by the believers. One of the tests mentioned by EXO-HISTORIAN Richard Dolan is the face on Mars discovered by Richard Hoagland. This dissident scientist and commentator also discovered on the surface of the red planet Masonic
Masonic Monuments, Nazi symbols, alien spacecraft and memorabilia left there by officers of Adolf Hitler's SS.
The confirmation of all this was given by Andy Basiago, the time-jumper and whistleblower of the millenium promoted by Judge Alfred Webre, co-founder of the new science called EXOPOLITICS.
Basiago didn't saw the face but meet Satoro, now President Barack Obama in Mars. He saw bases, dinosaurs, martians, human bases and who knows what else.
Besides, Dr. Michael Salla, co-founder of the Exopolitical sciences, now living in Hawaii, confirmed that in the martian surface there were women sitting in rocks, rodents, skeletons, temples flying saucers, masks, monuments and well...you name it..!
As you can see,  there are lots of evidences and serious UFO researchers like
the already mentioned Richard Dolan have all the right to sell their books predicting how our world will be after disclosure.
By the way, a military man who wants to remain in the anonimate told professor Klaus Ritter that the secret works in the gigantic underground Antarctic german base are feverish,  and Mars space jumps are frequent.
Professor Ritter told us that the entrance to the underground base appears as a luminous ladder when open, and an eddying, smoldering azure pool when closed. The key to opening it is a specific glyph.

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