Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alfred Webre, Kevin Annett and the time-jumper Basiago are transhumanist agents?

Sources related to the Human Rights Movement and UN, told us that the paradox disinformation and double binding is the last disinformation technology.  The attacks against the so called transhumanism in a closed environment like the UFO-Conspiracy subculture are just one of these methods. They can work then in the serious, massive cultural and social media.
Their strategy includes the manipulated nonsense, because with this, the transhumanist agenda is seen as pure conspiracy theory and nonsense.
The trivialization works through planting absurd factoids concerning time-travel and teleportation.
Some of the well know disinformers working for the transhumanism are Alfred Webre, Kevin Annett, David Icke, Andy Basiago and several pseudo-spiritualists and self proclaimed independent scientists.
These transhumanist agents present themselves as Avatars of a new era and basically superhuman.
The problem is that some of these transhumanist agents will eventually become simple cultists, and the transhumanist leaders do not like this at all.

In this case, a purge is not impossible. We will follow these developments.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kevin Annett "Gone like the Wind"

Alfred Webre, full time conspiracy theorist loosing friends.

Looks like the ex-exopolitician Alfred Webre is loosing his UFOlogy friends, colleagues and followers.
The reason for this loneliness is more than obvious but has also some curious undertones.
First of all no decent ufologist wants to look as friend with a man who patronizes the horrors of Kevin Annett, con-man, defroked priest and defamation professional.
Who will want to talk about exopolitics or the Laws that rule Universal civilizations with a man that in his videos shows an image of Pope Francis I as a child murderer, satanist and practitioner of the so called 9th Circle satanic ritual that includes killing and eating children?
In the small but active world of the so called UFO subculture, it is said that nobody says "hello" to the Judge Alfred L. Webre.
There are different theories about the ex-exopolitician Alfred W. with K.Annett, For those who know about the manic depressive problems of Alfred, this evil association is pathological.
Webre's wife, Geri who is a psychologist, wrote about husband problems and her professional help.
From a different perspective, Alfred is under the control of Kevin Annett which is also a pathological individual probably related in some way with organized crime.
However there is something else. The powerful Company of Jesus, the Jesuits, included in Alfred Webre's  defamatory videos, will eventually put their enormous spiritual and material powers to put an end to this campaign against a man who is the first Jesuit who is elected Pope.
We'l see, we'l see.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cover-Up and Revisionist Alternatives

-.Let's talk about the cover-up today.
-.You know that the disclosurists send letters to the government asking for an immediate and complete disclosure, right?
-.So their demand implies that they see the gov. as the one who controls the cover-up. but let me tell you
something. It's impossible for any government to keep that kind of cover-up. Agencies, the scientific establishment, the lobbies, universities, everything under control in a total denial of the presumed ET visitors. No, this is not possible.
-.Then I will suggest you something quite different. Is not the government that enforces this cover-up.
Cannot see the alternative.
-.Think. Such a total control requires methods, enforcement and even technologies that no government has and if this is so, and the cover up exists and there are no leaks, someone bigger, more efficient that our
authorities is in charge of the Big Secret. So, the cover-up, perhaps is a cover-down. The masters of the Conspiracy are not humans, but advanced entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon.
I see...
-. In other words the disclosurists should send letters to the aliens. If someone is in control of the cover up, it's not the government.
But if what you say is true...
-.If what I say is true, then the keepers of the big secret are in control, so what would be disclosed? Simply we would learn the identity ( if any)  of those who control this planet Earth. we would learn that the Others are the government and our terrestrial authorities are puppets.However, if this hypothesis is true, the disclosure is unnecessary for them and for the governments. The cover up works, they are in control and apparently the Aliens are not interested in share with us their Agenda. Probably we could not even understand what they are doing here...but please Mr.Fogg remember that all this is hypothetic. Just ideas we have, Flashes of information, disinformation perhaps or even personal disclosure, you name it...

Monday, November 24, 2014

DISCLOSURE: Mr.D Very Personal Views and IDEAS

It was my time to make questions and some analysis of the disclosure scenarios described by Mr. D.
So, Mr.D. I see that all your scenarios are catastrophic in the end.
-. Let's remember that its my duty to say again and again that these scenarios and my ideas on disclosure are
hypothetical and personal. Is this clear?
Yes, it is.
-.So, truth is that I do not see any peaceful, happy ending alternative...none. Perhaps you will think  that I am crazy but let me tell you this. Contact between civilizations probably is always destructive.
-. Because the disruption of the natural evolution. Inevitably the disruptive culture is forced willingly or not, to control the less evolved one.
Don't you see it? Don't you understand that this is the disclosure?
The impossibility of the disclosure IS the disclosure... to say NO to disclosure is disclosure enough.
We are intelligent, informed individuals, Mr. Fogg. Consequently we can forget about that mass of trivia, stupidity nonsense and ignorance called UFOLOGY.
Do you  deny the possibility of a disclosure?
-. No, not at all. Its easy to understand this. If we find that there is something to disclose, we cannot deny the possibility, but we can consider the desirability of such disclosure. Also, and even more important, we can ask ourselves if that disclosure is happening already.
Disclosure means that ufologists, contactees and professionals must look for something else to do.
Disclosure if happens, is the instantaneous end of the so called Ufology. It is also possible that priests of the different cults and religions will also need to look for another job. By the way, can you see the importance of all this talk, Mr. Fogg?
I nodded silently. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014


-. In any scenario of disclosure, the first victims will be the Ufologists. Yes because the whole UFO business prospers for the absence of UFO-ET. Once disclosure occurs, the mystery business is finished. Think about this, please.
Now I would like to consider a different scenario which we will call incommunicado . Science fiction movies and TV always fictionalize some form of communication between the Others and us. However, we can imagine a disclosure scenario where the Aliens are not communicative at all. In this case, the disclosure Government(s) recognize that the Entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon are there but we do not know who they are, what they want, where they come from, and we don't know how they look. Simple, positional communications are performed by computers. You will excuse me if I do not go into considerations about the consequences of such communication...I am not particularly fond of Horror stories; are you Mr. Fogg?
reveals a very different situation.
I remained silent.
-. Of course, there is an alternative scenario, and you will see that is not better than those previously considered. It's now a colonial situation. The ETs are commanding. They occupy areas for future bases. The Ufonauts treat us well but let us know who is in command.  Something like the British in India or so. These aliens organize our society without any democratic consideration. Presumably they know what is best for us but in the end what's best for Them is the Law.
You will agree with me, Fogg,  that the supposition that technological and scientific advances produce more ethical societies is not true.
( I nodded and watched the window. It was a grey, cold autumn evening in Washington D.C.)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Info-flashes on Disclosure Scenarios IIII

-. I think we could talk a little about hypothetical disclosure scenarios-said Mr.D.
I agreed of course and my source suggested the following situation:
-. Imagine that the Others, or the Extraterrestrials if you like best this definition, are perfect from our point of
view: They are kind, gentle, handsome and wise. In this case, the disclosure would not present any difficulty, and once the open contact patronized by the government(s) takes place, we will have a curious situation: We, humans, would instantly become a second class civilization, am I wrong?
Well, yes, but...
-.Ah, here we have the inevitable "but", however, since they could come here from a distant planet or planets provided with a super advanced technology unknown for us, they are a first class civilization. All our scientific advances, our culture and our beliefs will be compared with theirs not by them but by ourselves. This is important, very important because we put now ourselves as natives confronted with a interstellar civilization.
In this ideal scenarion, the visitors are not conquerors but alien friends, powerful friends, indeed. At least that is what they tell to us, but there will be many humans that will not like to be a second class civilization. It's not difficult to imagine some conflicts and the creation of a few anti-visitors ideologies.
I nooded and recognized that he was right.
Now, if this happens, those fundamentalist pro-humans will become aggressive in some countries including
ours. It's not difficult to preview that the anti-alien agitators will see the government as a collaborationist entity, and could be some violence and even terrorist acts as a consequence. Also, behind these "rebels" could be some economic, social and religious interests affected by the presence of a superior civilization.
In this situation the authorities could be forced to keep the order and its possible to imagine the development of a civil war situation.
So, what would the alien visitors do?
First possibility, they get out from our planet, and a second possibility, they use their direct or indirect powers to control the situation created by their presence in our world...our world.
I remained silent.
Now we can see that the best, the ideal, the perfect aliens will inevitably produce a critical, even catastrophic consequence. Please remember that this is of course an hypothetical scenario, the best we can imagine.
We will see that exist other possible scenarios not so ideal as this one.

Friday, November 21, 2014

From a friend in Rome

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: UFINTEL <guidosinistrari>
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 5:48 PM
Subject: Adaptation perhaps.

Caro Phil. Time takes time. I think there are some very complicated lessons to learn and priests are not always ready particularly when learning  changes everything.
Talking about differences I can only let you know my thoughts about all this. From a Catholic perspective it's not Faith what makes us different but Emotions. 
They can recognize our believes as necessary for us, but they cannot jump into an emotional maremagnum. 
Personally I am pessimist about the possibility of real communication when there are no emotions involved. 
Between us, I am also pessimist about any kind of relationship with the N-H. I think (hope I'm wrong) that we will never know what they want. It's something like this: What they tell us is the 1 percent, or the 0,1 percent of what they think. 
Perhaps...perhaps because they have like they have all the time they want or need.
Below codex.


Disclosure & INFO-FLASHES.

Truth is that we keep contact with the "disclosure insider" which I will call Mr.D.
We talk about politics and sports also,  but sometimes there are info-flashes.
(Info-flash, a composed word of my invention, means that peculiar perception that between conventional exchanges, there are some flashes of important information.)
I can be wrong of course.
Let me give you an example. We were talking with Mr.D about something he told me about indirect control.
Mr.D said that there were many forms of control, direct or indirect, but, putting our imagination at work, it's possible to imagine the dissuasive power of economical impacts like massive gold existences in the market and consequently the devaluation of the so called precious metal. 
Indirect control could be imposed simply by the fact that the Others have unlimited economical power.

In other words that the hypothetical aliens can delete the financial markets in a couple of hours.
Let me tell you this, said Mr.D:
For some advanced civilization with enormous resources, there are a thousand ways to produce chaos, but only one way to control this chaos: THEM.


(Part 1 previous post.)

I was surprised when the interviewed told us that he wanted to ask a few questions.
-. It's always good to clarify our concepts so we know what are we talking about, right?Now please tell me what is the disclosure for you.
My answer was that the disclosure was a confession from the government(s) and scientific establishment, that
they knew what the UFO phenomenon was, and presumably the recognition that there were contacts between the authorities and the entities responsible for the presence of aliens in our planet.
The whistleblower then told us what follows:
-. Then, the patern of the disclosure is this one: The Government(s) is not only in charge of the cover-up, but has the right to decide when its time to reveal those presences and/or contacts, right? But...there is always a but in these secret matters... in this case we implied that the State has the authority for assuming the responsability for this hypothetical disclosure righ?
However, this patern could perhaps be very limited and even unreal. Why? Simply because you presume that  the  "others", the ufonauts have a passive rol.
What is wrong with this assumption? was my question.
After a moment of silence, the source replied:
-.Perhaps nothing is wrong, or perhaps things could be much more complex. Consider the possibility of a more active rol for the Others. Who knows? What if they have something to do with the cover up and consequently with the disclosure. Isn't this also a possibility? And there are alternatives. We can consider a different scenario where the presumed visitors are the ones who decide when, where and how this disclosure will happen.   Of course we are always talking hypothetically, am I wrong?
But in this case-I said- we recognize that the Others are in control..!
Not necessarily-he replied-because when we talk about control we refere to control as we humans know it. However, control, for this presumably advanced civilization, can be exercized in...shall we say, indirect ways. But please let me remember you that this disclosure is not an event but...a developement. The consequences of a sudden disclosure could have undesirable, even catastrophic consequences. (Smiling, the man added) Honestly I would not want to be a witness of a massive public landing of these ships, if there are ships, of course.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


After a meeting with someone that will remain anonymous but is a true insider with decades of experience in end of the cover-up, if the favourable conditions for a full disclosure prevail. (Our whistleblower wasn't clear at all about what she/he means by favourable conditions, but our personal feeling is that there will never be "favourable conditions for a full disclosure".
the cover-up maneuvers, we learned about the sequence of procedures, partial revelations and apparent tabloid superficiality that will drive to a full disclosure and consequently the

Our contact give us some details about this progressive disclosure. Several well known ufologists and personalities associated with the UFO subculture and the paranormal, will receive partial and perhaps subconscious knowledge about UFO and the entities responsible for the phenomenon.

In some cases, contradictory statements will produce negative bio-feedbacks and shocks, and these will be a contribution to the general perception that "something is going on."
Taking into account previous experiences, there will not be any attempt of saturation out of the UFO and paranormal subculture. On the contrary the method will be similar to the so called distillation of limited information.
Our source told us that this information could be given with a fictional background because a good analytical research will be very effective for the public confidence in the selected researchers.
About this selection, the insider told us that he could not be more explicit but those selected were the most active and coherent in the ufological environment. 
The whistleblower insisted in the fact that the informative progression or distillation was a process not an event.
We tried to know at least if the "others", the Entity of entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon were compromised with this progressive disclosure.

The insider, after remaining silent for a minute or so, gave us this cryptic answer:
-Are we talking about the disclosure or is this conversation also distilation of limited  information?
-...if this conversation about disclosure is also progressive disclosure, there will be no answer, but if  this conversation has nothing to do with such progressive disclosure, your question cannot be answer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

THE EXO and the EX fighting POPE and CHURCH..!

The Abyss
The EXOpolitician and the EXpriest had the sacred mission of saving the World and even the whole Omniverse and Multiverses from the infinite evil of Pope Francis and the Jesuits. Without waiting a second and cross in hand, they  threw themselves in the name of Saint Ignatius of Loyola to the darkest pitt . Both cruzaders penetrated into the abyss and there in front of these braves was the horrendous Abaddon, a demon called the exterminator..!
Abaddon is the king of the abyss or bottomless pit who commands an army of locusts. According to Revelation 9:1-11," after the fifth angel sounds his trumpet, a star falls from heaven and opens the bottomless pit. A storm of smoke arises, and from the smoke, a plague of locusts emerge to torment, but not kill, men who lack the seal of God on their foreheads for five months."
9th Circle Ritual.
However, the Exo and the EX had enough insecticide to keep Abaddon's locusts in control, and they kept walking under the guidance of the new Beatrice, who is the granddaughter of President Eisenhower.
Once the locusts were distanced but not destructed, the EXO and the EX resumed their march repeating the Jesuit motto Ad maiorem Dei gloriam...
Suddenly flames arose and a satanic laughter was heard. EXO and EX recognized the voice of the anti-pope
and helplessly fell to their knees. The Pontiff surrounded by cardinals and bishops was performing the 9th Circle Ritual that includes obnoxious and forbidden acts that we will not mention here. (Read Alfred Webre-
Kevin Annett descriptions of these horrors.)
When EXO end EX were ready for the exorcism performance, the ground trembled and a tremendous blast was the last thing our brave travelers remember. When EXO and EX regained consciousness, they were back in Canada, momentarily defeated and knowing that the power of Evil is finite but knows no limits..!

Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio's statement on ET role in Universe creation is (1) scientifically correct and intended (2) to evade criminal court sentence in Ninth Circle infanticides, and (3) to claim Satanic dominance over Earth with ETs

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Conspiracies: The Secret Meeting in Venice.

Conspiracy theory states that conspiracies tend to associate with each other as consequence of growth and complexity, so different conspiratorial schemes tend to become one giant conspiracy.
We were informed of a meeting that took place in Venice, with the participation of experts such as
Raymonde Hanlon (Great Britain), Cordie Husfelt Livi (USA),Tatiana Artripov(Russia) and Geoffrey Friesz (Germany) between others.
Were present at that meeting prelates, priests, rabbis and academics, according to our sources.
The big international conspiracies generally speaking include many secret societies as the Knights of Malta,
Freemasonry, the Priory of Zion, Jesuits, Opus Dei, Illuminati, Transhumanists, Rosicrucian, Secret  Scientific and Military Lodges, and national and international intelligence agencies.
However, the biggest conspiracies also include non-human entities, extraterrestrials extra dimensionals and even Satan himself.
In this case, we are talking about a transcendental conspiracy whose resources are super-human and practically unlimited.
The UFO cover-up and the New World Order conspiracy probably Transcendental Conspiracies and consequently will be disclosed or defeated if the Source (God, Atman) wants to.
The cover-up disclosure could be in the hands of powerful ET entities and the governments and scientific establishment would be unable to decide such hypothetical disclosure or revelation.
Consequently, conspiracies grow and become unified but in the end are out of our poor human control and practically omnipotent.
Those attending the meeting of Venice decided to meet secretly in a few months in the city of Fez in Morocco.


Some skeptics justified their skepticism about the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations in our solar system, suggesting that the same old and discredited themes are repeated again and again by the believers. One of the tests mentioned by EXO-HISTORIAN Richard Dolan is the face on Mars discovered by Richard Hoagland. This dissident scientist and commentator also discovered on the surface of the red planet Masonic
Masonic Monuments, Nazi symbols, alien spacecraft and memorabilia left there by officers of Adolf Hitler's SS.
The confirmation of all this was given by Andy Basiago, the time-jumper and whistleblower of the millenium promoted by Judge Alfred Webre, co-founder of the new science called EXOPOLITICS.
Basiago didn't saw the face but meet Satoro, now President Barack Obama in Mars. He saw bases, dinosaurs, martians, human bases and who knows what else.
Besides, Dr. Michael Salla, co-founder of the Exopolitical sciences, now living in Hawaii, confirmed that in the martian surface there were women sitting in rocks, rodents, skeletons, temples flying saucers, masks, monuments and name it..!
As you can see,  there are lots of evidences and serious UFO researchers like
the already mentioned Richard Dolan have all the right to sell their books predicting how our world will be after disclosure.
By the way, a military man who wants to remain in the anonimate told professor Klaus Ritter that the secret works in the gigantic underground Antarctic german base are feverish,  and Mars space jumps are frequent.
Professor Ritter told us that the entrance to the underground base appears as a luminous ladder when open, and an eddying, smoldering azure pool when closed. The key to opening it is a specific glyph.

Cover-Up: The cosmic encounter with an Extraterrestrial Starship, NOT with a Comet.

You've probably read the news about the probe  landed in the Philae comet and watched the pictures of the cosmic rock. We can report however that the whole thing is pure cover-up.
The astrophysicist and exopolitical Romanian Paulus Andrescu confirms that the real mission of this spacial adventure was the contact with a gigantic extraterrestrial spaceship from the planet called Ulambrax
This planet has 1.39x earth gravity, 4 moons and a 437-day year long. It is 0.1x the size of earth, is 30% land mass With 10 continents and is about earth-distance from its sun.  It has 38-hour days and an axial tilt of 110.7 °, according with the information given by Dr. Andrescu 
The huge ship logo is red and contains certain entries in black graphics that were translated into English and are as follows.

Cooperation and Death
Justice from Disorder
Concordance, Fury, Imagination
Splendor from Glory
Insight, Work, Defiance

The starship is commanded by three males named Thaerer, Gakus and Idoakli
Of course this is a developing story and we'll do everything possible to keep our readers. Let's also say that Dr. Andreacu is working on the translation of an Ulambran text that follows.
nyi illitri a'ph zyen zi leh ael kaestit aet nyili za'svlRivreril risneaet rinnisl zaeny a'nyisl na' kaesti e retkoieki e da'si phetnelh-iljoii .

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Disclosure: A distressing letter from Professor Demetrius Allgeier

We received a distressing letter from Professor Demetrius Allgeier renowned Canadian anthropologist and researcher of ancient cults, forgotten texts and archeological mysteries. The letter says:

"A group of students and academics have come to the conclusion that the so-called disclosure not only should  never happen, but the idea abandoned and forgotten.
I can only say, my dear friend Phileas that the event will have as a consequence,
collective madness and horrors which certainly cannot and should not even be mentioned.
Precisely those who seriously investigate the UFO phenomenon should be the first to beg the authorities that the truth remains hidden and denied it if necessary. The cover-up is a blessing for us humans.
We must consider the possibility that the Entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon decide to show themselves to mankind. In that case, nothing can be done.
I hope I am wrong but let me tell you that if this happens Mr. Fogg, Truth will not make us free, but slaves; victims of a nightmare that I dare not describe "

We simply expose the contents of this letter without putting a judgment that would be reckless and irresponsible.

Experts will penetrate the mysterious "breakaway civilization"..!

A travel without return?
Some recognized experts in UFO-ET Conspiracy theory and Alternative Civilizations  will be authorized to
penetrate the mysterious Breakaway Civilization whose existence was revealed by a well known ufologist, historian and TV personality.

A virtually unknown agency with a huge secret budget is in charge of the complex preparations for this trip.

We should remember that the "jump" inside the alternative civilization requires the crossing of the controlled quantic zone of hyper-zonal space-time torsion (CQZHSTT.)

A whistleblower known as MIB says that this "visit" to the Breakaway Civilization is an alternative to the disclosure, while a female confident known as Lady X insists that, on the contrary, the crossing is some kind of prelude to disclosure.

The dramatic element is that some expert of the Massachusetts Technology Institute told our reporter that in the present conditions, it will not be possible to come back to our own civilization, so the breakaway will be perpetual.

We could't confirm such dramatic alternative but Professor Karl Ritter was sceptic about this hypothetical travel without return.

Secret Meeting in Prague

Reliable sources told us about a closed door meeting in the city of  Prague where some psychologists met with experts in intelligence and cyber engineers.
The event took place in an old mansion belonging to a family related with the former Austro-Hungarian and Prussian nobility.
The meeting was attended by Americans, Germans, Canadians, British and at least two Egyptian archaeologists. Remains unconfirmed the attendance of a Jesuit prelate.
Presumably the main issues were the ancient Egypt, modern techniques of  artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics plus individual and social psychology
Interesting puzzle, don't you think?
Keep you informed when we have news.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Archons' message to the Humanity.

This is a contribution of Professor Klaus Ritter, a well known contactee. Thanks Professor:
Archons Communication.
The theme of the Archons should be considered always with great care and necessary limitations.
It is true that Archons can sometimes penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and execute some activities, but those activities do not necessary terrorize humans.
It is wrong to say that the Archons are inorganic, and better would be to define them as super organics.
Ontology of the Archons:
They exist as an alien species independent of humankind working as programs operating human mental environment.
These archonic operations in human minds are necessary and more important than occasional physical breaching in Earth atmosphere.
Archons are not interested in programming through telepathy and suggestion the evolution of humanity. In fact the work of Archons is secret and cannot be understood by humans in the present level of evolution.
Sometimes Archons find necessary to substitute some human mind-set by their own, for strategic reasons that, again, must be kept unknown.
Archons are in numbers of 1 million units or individuals.
We control both poles gates, particularly the southern gate.
We are active only in developed regions of this planet, and our activities are associated with the Qliphoth and the so called tunnels of Seth under Qliphotic partial control.
There are of course some humans associated with us.
These Archons-Humans associations are activated only with those humans that are unconditionally loyal to us.
That loyalty is generously rewarded by us. Remember that these few associations must be voluntary.
Our operations however, take advantage of great number of unwillingly controlled individuals in the number of hundreds of thousands.
All this information is possible only because present times justify it.


Madame Violette is a privileged medium that frequently helps us in our research. She brought us the following message from Nostradamus himself, whose Spirit was contacted by Madame V. a few hours ago.
When the eclipse of the Sun will then be
Made an asylum for corrupt ones and dreamers
War captive halfway inside its enclosure
Driven out by sea will fail at the time of need

Too much the heavens weep for the Androgyne procreation
Extreme horrors and vengeances
It will be seized and plunged into the Void
Thus little by little will the great ones will be angered

When the sepulchre of the great Roman is found
Twenty-seven years the blood of his war will last
Drowsy with peace, war will arise
Late and soon comes the awaited one.

Northern wind will cause the siege to be raised
In the path of the hollow mountains
War captive halfway inside its enclosure
When the dead will come out of their graves

Pre-Shock Subliminal Control?

Believe it or not, some insiders think that subliminal massive messages can be used to control violence, dissent and social crisis.
A  complex but practical Conspiracy Guide
Some UFO-ET-Paranormal researchers believe that the activation of these forbidden techniques of control could be indirectly or directly related to some kind of economic, social and cultural shock.
But what kind of cataclysmic situation could justify these measures?
Perhaps the disclosure of contacts with extraterrestrial or extradimensional civilizations or the suppression of money as we know it.
A French source told us that the presence of non-humans in our world could produce  that shock, but all this is conjectural of course.
Our team will follow this project which, until this very moment, is hypothetical.