Saturday, November 22, 2014

Info-flashes on Disclosure Scenarios IIII

-. I think we could talk a little about hypothetical disclosure scenarios-said Mr.D.
I agreed of course and my source suggested the following situation:
-. Imagine that the Others, or the Extraterrestrials if you like best this definition, are perfect from our point of
view: They are kind, gentle, handsome and wise. In this case, the disclosure would not present any difficulty, and once the open contact patronized by the government(s) takes place, we will have a curious situation: We, humans, would instantly become a second class civilization, am I wrong?
Well, yes, but...
-.Ah, here we have the inevitable "but", however, since they could come here from a distant planet or planets provided with a super advanced technology unknown for us, they are a first class civilization. All our scientific advances, our culture and our beliefs will be compared with theirs not by them but by ourselves. This is important, very important because we put now ourselves as natives confronted with a interstellar civilization.
In this ideal scenarion, the visitors are not conquerors but alien friends, powerful friends, indeed. At least that is what they tell to us, but there will be many humans that will not like to be a second class civilization. It's not difficult to imagine some conflicts and the creation of a few anti-visitors ideologies.
I nooded and recognized that he was right.
Now, if this happens, those fundamentalist pro-humans will become aggressive in some countries including
ours. It's not difficult to preview that the anti-alien agitators will see the government as a collaborationist entity, and could be some violence and even terrorist acts as a consequence. Also, behind these "rebels" could be some economic, social and religious interests affected by the presence of a superior civilization.
In this situation the authorities could be forced to keep the order and its possible to imagine the development of a civil war situation.
So, what would the alien visitors do?
First possibility, they get out from our planet, and a second possibility, they use their direct or indirect powers to control the situation created by their presence in our world...our world.
I remained silent.
Now we can see that the best, the ideal, the perfect aliens will inevitably produce a critical, even catastrophic consequence. Please remember that this is of course an hypothetical scenario, the best we can imagine.
We will see that exist other possible scenarios not so ideal as this one.
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