Friday, November 21, 2014

Disclosure & INFO-FLASHES.

Truth is that we keep contact with the "disclosure insider" which I will call Mr.D.
We talk about politics and sports also,  but sometimes there are info-flashes.
(Info-flash, a composed word of my invention, means that peculiar perception that between conventional exchanges, there are some flashes of important information.)
I can be wrong of course.
Let me give you an example. We were talking with Mr.D about something he told me about indirect control.
Mr.D said that there were many forms of control, direct or indirect, but, putting our imagination at work, it's possible to imagine the dissuasive power of economical impacts like massive gold existences in the market and consequently the devaluation of the so called precious metal. 
Indirect control could be imposed simply by the fact that the Others have unlimited economical power.

In other words that the hypothetical aliens can delete the financial markets in a couple of hours.
Let me tell you this, said Mr.D:
For some advanced civilization with enormous resources, there are a thousand ways to produce chaos, but only one way to control this chaos: THEM.

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