Thursday, December 25, 2014

Time Travel, Time as Space and Andy Basiago's dreams

The fabrication of Time Travel fantasy comes from a basic fallacy: the consideration of Time as Space.
We can move back or forward in Space, but never in time, because time is a measure not a place.
Andy Basiago went ...went? back to Gettysburg and he say Lincoln talking there. Now this is possible only if the WHOLE UNIVERSE(s) move back, but ...again to move we need SPACE, never time.
If Andy move back in time, must we believe that there is some kind of isolated bubble where Lincoln talks and talks and talks forever?
More, is Basiago AND the whole Universe went back in time, while we, you and me remained "here" in the present, we need two Universes, the Basiago-in Gettysburg, and the other, our present Universe.
What can we said about this? Nothing but smile looking at a monumental stupidity.
Of course there are thousands, millions of absurd contradictions. Andy Basiago in Gettysburg was a non-entity. He was a not-born-yet. So was his mother and grandmother.
Are we joking here? Yes, of course we are joking,
(The clock alarm sounds...Basiago wakes up. 7am. He dreamed about Lincoln, Gettysburg and a secret CIA time travel project.)
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