Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Experience with fraudulent Kevin Annett.

My Own Testimonial

December 10, 2014

My name is Heather Martin.  I am a Registered Nurse, activist and blogger.  I’m the creator of the blog Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped and this is my testimony of my experience with Kevin Annett.  I’m doing this today as a way of getting my own story out so that people who have had something to do with him, who think they are supporting a man of the cloth, who are supporting a man who is trying to bring down The Powers That Be can understand that this is not really who they are supporting.

It’s important to know that for the last three and a half years, I’ve written over 140 articles using Kevin’s own words and work to expose him as a con artist and a fraud.  I’ve used his claims and the facts to show people that the ITCCS does not exist, the ICLCJ does not exist and that nothing Kevin has claimed to have done is true.

I am not the only person to have proven these things and certainly not the only person who has been attacked for criticizing Kevin Annett. Many former supporters have suffered the consequences for questioning his motives and methods and have been called ‘black operatives’, ‘smear artists’ and have been accused of taking bribes, stealing money and working with the Vatican. Please see the Testimonials and Slander pages for more info.

It is important to realize that no child has been repatriated to their parents, no survivor of abuse has been made whole, no pedophile has been stopped and no head of a transnational criminal organization has been brought to justice. No videotaped evidence or transcripts exist of the trial that brought down Pope Benedict.  No videotape has been provided of the takedowns and church reclamations Kevin claims are happening worldwide. The only proof he offers are his own statements.   He expects you to just believe him.

All of it (of course) is an elaborate lie.

And it is a lie that has been funded by good and well meaning people who are frustrated with the current system who have bought into this lie and have given their hard earned money thinking that it is saving the children.  People really want to believe everything he says is true but when they begin to suspect they were wrong about Mr. Annett and begin to ask questions, they are made an example of and it is Kevin who paints himself as the victim.  They are publicly slandered and shamed and accused of things that are just as untrue as the rest of Kevin's claims.  This is the penalty paid by anyone who has dared to speak up or speak out.

As a blogger I am no stranger to nasty comments aimed at me and not the content of the article I’ve written.  It comes with the territory.  But I’ve been threatened by Kevin Annett himself, that I would “be stopped by people less forgiving than him”.  Since that threat was made, he has used professional hackers and trolls to harass me.

I have proof that he works with members of Anonymous who have created nearly a dozen websites and Facebook pages to spread lies about me.   It's one thing being called names, but it's quite another to accuse me of being capable of harming and causing to death of my patients. They, and other Kevin Annett supporters, have also threatened to come to my house and hurt me and my family and have even called my employer to get me fired.  It's funny that Kevin has always said that to acknowledge his detractors was to give them power, but the truth is that he has his group of internet trolls who stalk and attack anyone who speaks out against him. He has no need to do anything personally with this so-called security team on the job. These are who the Friends of Kevin Annett really are.

As you will see in the Testimonial and Slander pages of this site that there are others who have endured similar campaigns.

The question you must ask is what would happen to you if you suddenly stopped supporting him and began asking him the hard questions.  Are you prepared for it to be you and your family next?

Consider this, I could have been his biggest supporter had he not turned out to be a liar, but I chose to expose him as a con artist whose job is to steer you away from the truth.  Realize that he wants you to believe that he’s got it all covered, while nothing has changed, so that you don’t ever lift a finger to change the world yourselves.  And all the while the criminals still roam around free.  It is the ultimate disinformation and distraction (psyop) plan for the newly awakened masses and while he may deny it, what he is doing serves the cause of those he claims to fight against.


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