Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mafia Behind Campaign against the Pope Francis I

UFINTEL guidosinistrari

Caro Fogg,
 Il papa è stato dichiarato nemico della famiglia onorevole, this means that the Mafia is behind the campaign against Pope.
Those who consciously or unconsciously attack the Pope calling him Satanist are working (some of them free,) for the Organized Crime.
Pope and Jesuits declared war against gli uomi d'honore. Because of this fact, those who accuse Francis of criminal acts and obscene rituals are working for "the family" 
The friends of the Mafia do not include those who have dogmatic and or religious differences with Pope Francis I. 
My message is this one: think twice when you go into defamation and character assassination. SHOW EVIDENCES, and  those who feel pope friendly DEMAND EVIDENCES from the ridiculous "mafiosi soldati" that are working, perhaps in ignorance, for the Organized Crime.  
Guido S.
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