Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mr.D. Illuminati, Jesuits and NWO.

Truth is that I am very happy about the collapse of Kevin Annett frauds, and I agree with the message from Lucas V.T.
In fact to suggest that K.A. is a paid agent, an operative, is to give him some credit he doesn't deserve.
Any public or private organization with a political and social agenda would chose someone better than this cheap swindler.
The fabrication of the Common Law Tribunal in Brussels would be much more elaborate and with some real faces and address.
Jesuits would never attack Pope Francis I. This is suicidal and Jesuits are intelligent and organized
enough for committing suicide.
The Illuminati are now a very closed organization integrated by some "dandies" and millionaires attracted by the aesthetics of the occult. They have no public agenda at all.
The NWO people are in fact a few conservatives that just love the OLD WORLD ORDER and nothing new.
What remains are Agencies, that is the people of the Intelligence establishment. Obviously they would never choose Annett as an operative. On the contrary, the "personality " of this cheap swindler is the opposite of what is demanded from an operative in the field.
This is my contribution to the alternatives of this scandal. Congratulations to Alfred Webre, his lovely wife Geri and the people of the Anti-Kevin Annett Club.

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