Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kevin Annett, a common swindler and pathological liar.

Lucas Von Teufel

Dear Fogg
It's more than obvious that Kevin Annett hoaxes are evident, and there are no doubts about the pathological personality of this swindler. 
However we must be careful when we make the individual an instrument of organizations or secret societies. 
In my view, Annett frauds are one man fabrications. Why? Simply because any organization would produce something more complex and believable.
No. His fabricated ITCCS is an absurdity and K.A. cannot even show a face after the faked names of the associates. 
Any agency would fire Kevin Annett for inefficiency, disloyalty and serious psychopathic disorders. 
Kevin Annett is just a common swindler and a pathological liar. 
In fact, Jesuits, Illuminati, CIA or any other private or public agency would "put in the field" a better agent provocateur and never an obsessive self-serving insane.
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