Sunday, December 28, 2014


Truth is that the poisonous insect is alive and well. As a puppeteer, he manipulates nonexistent institutions, nonexistent names, nonexistent places. In some way Kevin Annett represents the enormous lie in which we live. Perhaps, (this is a suggestion.) the defrocked should be treated as a joke. Why? Because his specialty is the drama. Just fabricate your of Tribunal, Republic, Church and laugh...this laugh is what K.A. probably will not tolerate. Call him a pathetic clown, because this is what he is. President of Kanata, Leader of the ITCCS, International play-boy, Reverent of a nonexistent church....a walking joke.

Just laugh. so will do the people when K.A.ask for money. So will do the women he tries to impress. 

...The queen into child traficking...Popes killing and eating children in Satanic rituals. Nonexistent courts, judges, sheriffs. The clown should try fortune in the cheapest tabloid industry
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