Friday, December 26, 2014

Think twice before giving money to Kevin Annett.

This is a supposition of course, but let's suppose that you have lots of money and also a good heart.
Kevin Annett apparently is into saving children from the Pope, Jesuits, Canadian Government and the Queen of England, so you consider the possibility of giving him money for his "cruzade".
It looks rational bet let me suggest you a few previous steps: Do some research in the web, some "googling" to learn how many children was rescued by Kevin. Perhaps you will find talk, Annett's
talk but never FACTS.
Now , it looks like Kevin enjoys the support of some International Tribunal  on Crimes of Church and State whose headquarters are in Brussels. But...if you read more, you will find that those headquarters in Bruxels do not exist, and the Jurors and Judges of the ITCCS are also fantasies.
Perhaps this character, this man called Kevin Annett, is a little weird, since he alone, dissolved the CATHOLIC CHURCH, CANADA, the British Monarchy, and declared that the Pope kills and eats children in satanic rituals.
Of course you are suspicious now, but you will also learn that this man received $150.000 and with this money gave himself a play-boy life, womanizing and travelling a lot.
You will find also warnings from Canadian tribal chiefs about Kevin pushing drugs in those same tribes.

If you did this research we suggest, Probably you will find a better destiny for your money.

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