Monday, January 19, 2015

Rumors, Suggestions & Confirmations



There are rumors and some of these come from well-informed sources. I'm waiting for confirmation about Leuren Moret light-fast visit to Rome .
This dissident scientist that hates Jesuits and accuse the Jesus Company of horrendous crimes, knocked the doors of certain Roman houses which are homes of recognized Jesuit authorities.
Leuren Moret & Alfred Lambremont Webre
Guido S. confirmed that the doors of Saint Ignatius, first Jesuit Church, were opened for this lady who, (apparently,) is a ferocious enemy of Jesuits.
Truth is that I would not be surprised if the collapse of Alfred Webre-Kevin Annett friendship happens again, but this time with Leuren protagonist. 
Think I will sent a copy of this message to Geri Webre, wife and Guardian Angel of Alfred.

Something else: it's true that Richard Dolan's deterioration is accelerated by the total crisis of the so called "rational Ufology" and personal conflicts that include a growing skepticism concerning the whole UFO thing.

This situation deserves to be followed, because I think that shows the agony of "scientific ufology" drowned in an ocean of nonsense. Looks like the new rule is this one: " Only NONSENSE can save the old UFO meme."
More latter, Fogg.
I. Keller
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