Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mr.D and the "breakaway civilization"

Mr.D.'s contribution." My answer to your question, Fogg, is negative. The myth of the breakaway civilization is not  a professional script, and this is obvious for many reasons.
First of all, the thing is not new. The concept of a secret civilization that controls us is an old concept, I should say a classic in Conspiracy Theory and science-fiction. 
Also, it doesn't look like this idea of the breakaway civilization could have some practical use for psychological operations.
Consider this: there are many self proclaimed experts in ufology and they need to keep talking and writing. Now, the "flying saucers" thematic is exhausted, so for the professionals it is always necessary to find accessory ideas and themes. It's also true that people is not as naive as these "experts" believe.
However, the perspectives of this  breakaway civilization idea are very limited, particularly the alternative of the secret spacial program.
How many individuals will believe in this? Very few. The idea has no plausibility, and  less
Those who want to keep the image of serious researchers should forget about this B.C.and find...something else, but we must recognize that to find something new is not easy.
Truth is that UFOs belong to the 50's and the 60's, and for the script-writers, the fabrication of sightings and ideas about the "cosmic visitors" was easy and productive in those years.
But in this information age things have change and time has come for something else, something different...but please, don't ask me what. Perhaps as someone said "the show must go on" but not the same old show. "
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