Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Omniscient Ufologists don't need Disclosure

disclosure now..!
Let me tell you something. This is a secret NOW revealed. Ufologists demand disclosure and this is the real cover-up. Read what these experts say about the cosmic visitors, the different extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional races that are our planet! Reading what these wise men write you will
agree with me that they are pure, consistent DISCLOSURISTS.
Men like Richard Dolan, Alfred Webre and Dr. Michael Salla should disclose what they know, and inform the government about UFO and Ufonauts.

Alfred Webre told us that  the Pleiadeans nuked Mars thousands of years
ago, can you imagine?
Richard Dolan is an expert in Breakaway Civilization. He writes and talks about this parallel civilization which has it's own Spacial Program..! ( Looks like they contacted the cosmic friends-foes and learned a lot of things from these entities unknown for us.)
Disclose this, Richard...tell the government what you know as soon as possible..!

By the way, the cosmic alchemist, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower revealed this week that the ET invasion is happening NOW, yes...NOW. The grand-grand daughter of President Eisenhower MUST tell this to the authorities, am I right?
Please gentlemen, stop wasting money exploring Mars, because Michael Salla found temples, pyramids, ladies sitting in rocks, cats, skeletons, ET spacial name it. Well, he finds what remains after Pleiadean nuclear attack against the Red Planet.
Invasion is NOW.

Let me tell you also that Alfred Lambremont Webre is an expert in Universal legislation, that is the Legal corpus that rules the Galaxy, and Alfred, the exopolitician, wrote that we are under quarantine, because the ET and ED do not like our behavior. 

This is URGENT. David Icke revealed that we, humans, are controlled by a Reptilian Race from Draco, and the reptilians in disguise will not give us any disclosure, am I wrong?

Breakaway civilization & secret spacial program
So, let's recognize that Ufologists, Ghost Hunters and galactic Legislators MUST disclose what they know as soon as possible. Is not the government(s) that should inform us about contact with hundreds of different extraterrestrial and extradimensional civilizations. Probably they ignore all this. 
 UFO-ET experts, must tell the government what they I right? 
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