Sunday, January 11, 2015


Following text is a contribution of Mr. D. 

" I will repeat myself, Fog, the ideas I share with you and readers are suggestions, and it's up to you and them to classify these ideas they say? Oh, yes, whistle-blowing. (Smile)
Now this development of the abductions phenomenon could be considered as one of the best misinformation plants in the history of UFO manipulations and psy-operations.
The first script was of course the Betty and Barney Hill case in 1961. Think about this: They were an inter-racial couple, and this made the interest spectrum wider. Barney a postal worker and Betty a social worker, both members of the NAACP and community leaders.
The first script didn't included the post abduction amnesia but this idea which included the hipnotic
work of Dr. Simmons won the preference of the script analysts.
All the elements of this abduction case are available in books, the internet, and other media, so I will not go into unnecessary repetitions.
Truth is that the abduction meme was working from the beginning and so was the copycat because the story presented ideal elements. First of all "protagonism"and, perhaps some sexual indirect elements, plus the scientific touch, and the seductive word of the hypnosis.
The meme grew fast through articles, books and magazines, and of course the books of of Whitley
Striebel and others. In that way and perhaps with some help of some activities of reinforcement. The ET Abduction memes grew in popularity and complexity.
However, in my personal view, the active life of the Abductions Meme is now reaching its end. Probably there will be always some isolated cases, but perhaps its time for the script-writers to work in something else. "

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