Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Richard Dolan against Human Rights abuses and Corporations' Greed.

In the last times Professor Richard Dolan denounced human rights abuses, destructive politics and the pauperization of the working classes while the greed of billionaires seems to be insatiable. Bravo Richard.  This confirms the fact that Richard Dolan, professor of History, is convinced that humanity has real, severe problems: Hunger, War, Exploitation, Injustice, Abuses, Corruption...you name it. 

Will Richard say "goodbye" to the UFO paranormal trivia? Probably he will, and i'ts possible that Prof. Dolan will denounce the Alienation Mechanisms that the big corporations and the State love so much. We always choose between being an instrument of the "masses opium" or just TELL THE TRUTH. Richard is a very intelligent an sensible man with a lovely family. Probably he wants a better world for them and the whole humanity..

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