Friday, March 27, 2015

My exchange with Dr. Michael Salla about "Aliens and Zionism" from Rome

  • Dr. Michael Salla gave us his opinion about the message from Rome about the presumed pact about Aliens and Zionism. Since we live in times of disclosure and exposure I wanted you to be informed about this exchange.

  • Michael Salla
    Article is a hoax. You need a better B.S. filter
  • Today
  • Phileas Fogg
    Phileas Fogg
    Dear Dr. Michael Salla, thanks for your interest, and let me tell you a few things . There is no better B.S. filter than mine. Again as I wrote before, the source is impeccable. The "article" is not a hoax. On the contrary is as reliable as your "Aliens killed JFK.". Anyway this exchange gives me the opportunity to confirm the enormous value of your exopolitics work. As a pioneer you know no rivals. Fraternally and sincerely yours
    Phileas Fogg
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