Thursday, March 26, 2015

From Rome: Aliens and Zionists?

Dear friends, below is the complete message sent by our friend and colegue Guido Sinistrari

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to me
In  circles of Rome which are considered  the best informed in the whole world, there are reliable comments about certain meetings between Zionist characters which control the government of Tel Aviv and nonhuman elements from distant planets and dimensions
 It is said that these powerful aliens are ready to give to the Israelis logistical and military support to achieve the ultra-expansionist aims and geo-political Zionist plan for a total control of the Middle East.

Of course no one knows more about this sinister agenda than the Vatican whose intelligence services have released the exo-Zionist project in a very selective and tactically limited operation of information
These Aliens, in exchange for their support, are ready to build top secret bases in the conquered territories, including the reconstruction of a stargate and settlements to house hybrids and aliens. Also they are interested in some bio-genetic operations at a planetary scale.

Of course, if the " House of Silence" doesnt decide otherwise, I will follow this information whose potential is huge, perhaps incalculable. Think dear Fogg in a future development totally out of control. A massive social, political cultural and military chain-reaction.

Fraternally your friend
Guido Sinistrari 
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