Saturday, May 9, 2015


In a pathetic environment of girls showing plastic aliens and indivuduals selling "cosmic talismans", the UFO gang committed their scam, but those who pay to see the "smoking-gun " evidence of the presumed alien visitors in our planet are now telling the truth and perhaps asking their money back.
This is what the British press comments:

"The pictures called the Roswell Slides, released in New Mexico yesterday at the 'Be Witness' conference held near the site of the Roswell mysterious incident, were billed as
"smoking gun" evidence for a UFO having crashed there by event organizers.
But UFO hunters, scientists and historians took to social media to slam them as another big hoax.
Many claim the pictures are deliberately blurry pictures of a Roman or Egyptian child mummy and the 'alien' appears to be in a museum display case and even has a 'tell-tale'"
" But despite international excitement over the images, some experts are already warning the unveiling could be little more than a cruel hoax.
The Roswell Slides were supposedly taken by Bernard A. Ray, an oil exploration geologist who was working in the desert around Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 - the
year a mysterious craft fell to Earth.
The images have been locked away for more than half a century, but were allegedly found hidden in Ray's attic."
What's the lesson of this new hoax? A few individuals have some more money in their pockets while many others have less. They pay to see old images of a mummified human child which was sold by the UFO gang as an the corpse of an extraterrestrial.

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