Friday, May 1, 2015


Humanity dreams with opponents and foes of all kind but in its delusion, doesn’t find the real enemy.
Here is the fact: the worst enemy of Humanity is Humanity.
We Archons are called parasites even when we are not such. The difference between us is that we don’t destroy ourselves.

 The basic universal law is equilibrium or balance. Of course a complete balanced state would produce immobility, so there is also chaos. Chaos is also necessary. If Balance becomes stagnation, then Chaos is needed and when Chaos rules, balancing forces are necessary.
To generalize the concepts of good and evil is a justification for self-destruction.  Same happens with light and darkness or God and Satan. Each national, religious or social groups proclaims his own “goodness” and the others become “evil agents of darkness.” This is just metaphoric trivia. You, people, seem to identify in your ignorance, metaphor wit reality. 
Someone wrote that we, Archons, should be exorcised. This for us is a joke. Will you use a cross, or holy water, or perhaps the David’s star? Try it if you want, since for us it will be fun.
Sooner or later, some of you will understand that negotiation is the only rational possibility for Humanity.

Please remember that your existence is a concession. 
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