Friday, April 24, 2015

Richard Dolan looses credibility.

Richard Dolan will "participate" in the May reveal of the "Roswell Slides" : UFOs

Growing skepticism in the UFO culture about Richard Dolan's reliability.

"If Dolan comes back with a favorable report, I'll be gobsmacked. Generally speaking, he skews heavily into speculative territory. I am beginning to wonder if this has more to do with his rising celebrity in the UFO community and appearance on crap shows like Hangar 1?"


"Same here. I think that 'UFOs and the National Security State' is an important work, but his stuff since then has had much less rigour, as far as I am concerned. He appears to have veered into less reliable territory.


"I don't understand how Dolan can consider linking his name with Maussan's to be a good idea. He also praises Anthony Bragalia, who is bonkers. I wonder how much money Maussan is throwing around to set all this up. I'm becoming more and more cynical about the whole thing, I know I shouldn't, but all of the contradictory claims and unsupportable assertions about the creature shown in the slides has made me extremely negative."
"Like many others, Dolan seems fine with making money off the UFO media circus. It's pretty much an accepted "UFOlogy tradition" at this point, especially if one wants fame and recognition for their work, which Dolan apparently does. Maussan exists in a very UFO-friendly media atmosphere it seems (more so than the US or UK) and likely makes a good deal of money just doing what he does."
"Ugh. "Why I'm going to put on a clown suit and join the circus" would be a better title. Really becoming disappointed with Dolan."

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