Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nostradamus new Messages about Earth's Future.

Nostradamus messages given to Mme.Violette

Those who attack Rome will hurt the sheep.
This will happen when Jupiter joins the Moon
On the throne of the Sun guarded by the lion.
In the far north, the culprits will not find mercy.

Those who carry the light in their names
conspire with allies of dehumanized future.
Poverty and terror devastate markets and cities
While Saturn finds asylum in the house of the Scorpion.

The city of the hills will prevail while the Visitors
after seven Moons control East and West.
Sea, Land and Sky belong to the rulers 
The Masters of space and time with swords of fire.

Kings of Draco, Corvus and Rigel rule Earth
Fear and horror will brought recognition and submission.
The whole world , all the great cities 
Men and Women forced and subdued  by the Supreme Council.

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